Become more attractive The Best Ways to Become More Attractive? The Best Ways to Become More Attractive?

Become more attractive
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Maybe because it’s the start of a new year, a recent post about the role of physical attractiveness in dating generated some interesting comments. Anacaona, briebo and Diane all remarked on various ways that women can make improvements to put forward their most attractive selves in dating.

Good teeth were prioritized. Also mentioned were clothing and diet.

Will it take money? How can we get the biggest bang for the buck? Are there things you can do at home? DIY?

Will it be time consuming? How can we get the best results in the shortest time?

What are realistic goals?

What changes have you made that made a big difference in your dating life?

If you guys will chime in with your best ideas, I’ll put them into a free ebook for anyone who wants it, including future readers. Deal?

I’ll start us off with a couple of recommendations.

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 Why don’t female ideals liine up?

1. Walk 10,000 steps each day.

An old friend of mine came to visit over the holidays, and looked noticeably fitter than the last time I saw her, about 4 months ago. I remarked on how great she looked and she shared that she had not lost any weight at all. The entire change was the result of walking 10K steps per day. It was a pretty amazing change! So my first recommendation would be to get a pedometer – you can drop $100 on a Fitbit but you can also get a $10 basic one at any sporting goods store.

Looking fit is not the same as looking slim – she radiated health and energy that came from moving, not weight loss.

By the way, men like women who look strong:

“Most women will have a preference for the gal on the left. With lots of media exposure (a passion for fashion, say) you may have a preference for even thinner women than shown here. Men, on the other hand, more often love the look of fairly strong women, since visible strength makes people look even healthier and more capable.

Why don’t male and female ideals line up? Just like men are taking the “muscle is masculine” thing to extreme levels, female fashion and pop culture are taking the “slenderness is feminine” thing to extreme levels.”

However, I’m a firm believer in doing things that make you feel better. Get fit for yourself, and as a bonus you’ll enjoy more attention from guys. Both your improved appearance and your increased self-confidence will make you more attractive.

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2. Strengthen your abs/core.

No, not so you can get a six pack. So that you can support good posture. Standing up straight makes people look thinner, younger and more confident. It suggests strong self-discipline. You know that wannabe ballerina you grew up with who always had her hair in a bun and stood incredibly straight? I always found those girls intimidating, and it was all about their posture.

Let’s go! What have you got for us? We want to hear it!

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